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Divided Into 4 Niche Small

Our factory has divided into 4 niche small factories or small plants from 2020, because of the virus covid-19.

Divided Into 4 Niche Small

company structure

Why is the factory divided into four smaller factories?
Each factory is becoming more specialized and refined, which will reduce costs and be more conducive to survival. Engineers proficient in lotion pump dispensers moulds, only manufacturing lotion pump dispensers moulds. Engineers proficient in syringe medical moulds, only manufacturing medical moulds.
Who will issue the mould quotation or mould offer?

Whether mold or pump dispensers finished products,You will work directly with them, such as quoting, signing contracts, receiving payments, and providing after-sales service. Why? Transparent, fair, and efficient. My role is as a translator and promoter, all mail carbon copy (C.C.) to everyone!

Why am I selling finished pumps spray dispensers?

The profit margin of the moulds is too low to obtain a decent life. It is easy to sell pumps dispensers for old friends and subordinates, because the pump bottle neck finish is international standard, either 24-410, 24-415, or 28-410, 28-415. There is little communication content and transactions are easy. Unlike molds, each one is a new specification, with too much communication content, which consumes too much time and effort.

If you want to visit the moulds (molds) running video, please click:

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